Menstrual cup

(Available in S/Bag and M/Bag)

The menstrual cup is an ecofriendly alternative to tampons and pads. Moreover, menstrual cups are made in medical grade silicon and are less invasive to the vaginal flora than tampons, whose chemicals care responsible for an increased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
In the long run, owning a menstrual cup is also cheaper than other single-use solutions: its price is equivalent to a 100 tampons which is what an average person can use within a year.
You should pick the size of your cup depending on your size and the strength of your pelvic muscles, which is why the bigger model is usually recommended to people who have given birth.

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Prior and after each menstrual cycle, desinfect the cup by boiling it for a few minutes and let it cool down.
Being relaxed is important to ease the insertion of the cup: sit on the toilet or squat, fold the cup in a U-shape and push it soflty up your vagina where it should unfold.
Do not push in too far in as it would reduce the efficacity of the cup.
To remove it, pinch the bottom of the cup to let air in, then pull softly. It is recommended to remove and empty it at least twice a day; in-between uses, rinse it under running water.


Medical grade silicon.


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Made in China