Toothbrush (handle only)

This toothbrush, made of compostable plastic, is not much different from your usual toothbrush – except that you can replace the head! This way you don't have to discard the whole toothbrush.
This is actually a problem with bamboo toothbrushes: to be recyclable, they need to be carefully taken apart, with all the tiny metal rings that hold the bristles in place removed.
Here, you can remove the head, return it to us and we'll ship it to TerraCycle, a company speciallized in recycling complex items.
Make sure to order the head you want as it is sold separately.

*only in industrial composters, put it in the GFT bin if you need but don't bury it in your home composter!


PLA (cane sugar).


Discard with residual waste.


APO France


Made in France