At Lock’O’Loop, we believe that packaging should be reused over and over, in a closed and local loop – only in Delft!

Go zero waste, go circular!

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Become a pick-up point

Are you part of a living community and would like you and your flatmates to go zero waste? Do you own a business and want to help? Please, contact us, we’re always open to new partnerships!

Why zero waste when we can recycle?

Plastic, glass, paper, aluminium and even biodegradable plastic…
Whatever material it’s made of, single-use packaging is not and cannot be sustainable.
Here are 5 reasons why to go zero waste with Lock’O’Loop.


Single-use can never be sustainable

Plastic is too cheap to produce, too expensive to recycle; bioplastic requires very specific conditions to break down and often contaminates real plastic recycling process. Paper needs a lot of water and chemicals, and glass is energy consuming to produce and recycle. And let’s not forget the environmental cost of transporting it all! Let’s be real: the sustainable single-use packaging does not exist.


Local shop means less transport pollution

We’re only operating in Delft – and plan to keep it that way! Or a least anywhere within biking distance: while our products are of course delivered to our warehouse by truck (can’t be helped!), all our deliveries to our pick-up points are done using a cargo-bike: pure muscle strength!


Organic food for a cheaper price!

Yes: we do sell mostly organic food. And yes, this is more expensive than non-organic food. But have you compared our prices with other organic supermarkets? We’re always cheaper! We aim for affordability: how can we promote zero waste and organic if no one can buy our products?


It’s convenient!

We strive to offer as many pick-up locations as we can. Are you part of a living community? Then we could deliver to your house! We’re also working on a 24/7 accessible locker so that you can pick your groceries whenever you want. Additionally, most of our products are available in different formats so that you can choose what’s best for you.


Plastic recycling is a myth

When a country like the Netherlands claims to reach a 54% recycling rate, what that actually means is that a small part of the recovered plastic is recycled locally while the rest is sent abroad, to Malaysia for instance. It is supposed to be recycled there, but the truth is most of it is either burnt or discarded in the sea… Long story short: even if you sort your plastic perfectly, there’s a good chance it will end feeding fishes at the other end of the world.


There’s a reason why we prefer you return your containers (jars or bags) at the same time that you pick up your new order: when your order is delivered, it comes in a box with your name on it. That means that when you return your containers, it is easy for the person at the pick-up location to know where to put your containers.
They don’t have to find a way to indicate your name on the container, nor do they have to worry as to how to store them: there’s already a crate with your name on it!
They also are expecting you because they know you have an order to pick-up.

Moreover, our partner locations are helping out Lock’O’Loop for free, so we really want to keep the process as smooth as possible.

However, we also understand that you might want to return containers earlier than your next order. So if you’re planning on dropping containers at one of our pick-up point, please fill out this form before:

Check Our partners page or the footer of this page for the opening times and addresses.
Please mind the opening times of the pick-up point you chose.
Does not need to be exact.

Our jars come in 4 volumes:

  • 105ml, they have a diameter of 5cm, are 10cm high and use deep twist-off Ø43 (DTO43) lids. They weigh on average 110g each (including the lid). They have a deposit of 0.8€.
  • 314ml, they have a diameter of 8.5cm, are 9cm high and use deep twist-off Ø82 (DWO82) lids. They weigh on average 200g each (including the lid). They have a deposit of 1€.
  • 580ml, they have a diameter of 8.5cm, are 12.7cm high and use deep twist-off Ø82 (DWO82) lids. They weigh on average 290g each (including the lid).They have a deposit of 1.5€.
  • 1062ml, they have a diameter of 8.5cm, are 22.2cm high and use deep twist-off Ø82 (DWO82) lids. They weigh on average 475g each (including the lid). They have a deposit of 2€.

Did you know? When we display the cart weight, we also include the weight of the containers.

Until recently, we were not selling any products that contained gluten naturally: all our gluten-free products were transferred to jars before we added products such as pasta or semolina to our catalog.

When we claim that a product is gluten-free, it is because it has been certified by our supplier as being gluten-free.

However, some others products provided by our suppliers indicate that may have sustained cross-contamination before they reached us. This is why, for instance, the arborio rice we sell indicates “may contain traces of gluten”.

The only contact our gluten-free products could sustain would be by touching a surface where there has previously been a product that may contain traces of gluten according to the supplier, and that is without taking into account the fact that our tools, surfaces, and hands are being thoroughly cleaned between uses and products.

The chances are thus extremely low: you would have more chance encountering gluten by hugging a friend who sometimes enjoys a bit of baguette than with our products!

If you no longer wish to order from us for any reason and still have containers you’d like to return, please fill out this form.

Tell us when and where you wish to return your containers, check ‘no’ when to the question “Will you be ordering again?” and instead of issuing a coupon, we will refund you.

You can also get an existing coupon refunded by sending us the code, but you could also gift it to one of your friends or family since our coupons are not tied to a specific account 🙂

We understand that you cannot empty all your jars by the next order and that it can feel a bit frustrating, especially if you already own a nice collection of jars yourself.

However, due to the nature of our system, based on delivery and prefilling, it is difficult for us to do otherwise.

But take a step aside: picture our jars as a mean of transport rather than a mean of long-term storage. If you want to return all your jars the next time, you can just transfer the products to your own jars once you get home.

You just need to make sure that your jars are not smaller than the one we provide, which is why we always indicate the volume for each jar.