How it works

Fill your basket with our products
Go to the shop page and pick the jar that corresponds to the quantity you need; you can click on the name for more details about the product. On top of the product price, you will be charged a deposit for the jars (or bags) themselves, ranging from 0.5€ to 2€ depending on the volume. If you already returned jars before, you should have received a refund code that you can apply to your order. Minimum order is 5€, excluding deposit.
Pick your pick-up point
Since we’re still in the developing phase, the 24/7 locker is not yet available; however, we’re working with local businesses and organizations that agreed to become pick-up points. The list grows longer everyday!
Select the location that’s most convenient for you, the date and write down your name and email so that you can be notified when your order is ready!
Sit back and relax while I assemble your order
Once the payment is received, I’ll start processing your order.
Depending on what pick-up point you chose, it can be ready on the same day or the day after or whenever you decided you wanted to pick it up.
You will receive another email when it’s done!
Go to your pick-up point during opening hours
Just ask someone at the reception and they will show you to your basket. Once you’ve taken your order, you can also put your empty containers in there (but make sure you use the box with your name on it). Leave the box: we’ll need it for other orders.
Once we retrieve the box and bring the containers home, you will get the deposit back in the form of a coupon that you can use for your next order.
Couldn’t make it in time? No worries!
If you can’t make it in time or if you forget your basket, don’t worry; we will notify you and keep your order another two working days. If you still haven’t picked it up, we will cancel it and refund it to you – with a penalty equivalent to the deposit. You can also contact us up front so that we can work out a solution.