Bulk shop

Note: these products are only available for people who pick-up at Lock’O’Loop (Rotterdamseweg 396).

Welcome to our bulk section! Here you will find products available in bigger quantities than our biggest jars. It’s especially relevant for light products that are consumed in big quantities.

Compared to the main shop page, these products come in one or two additional volumes: 5 liters and full container.

The full container is generally the bag that the product came in when it was bought by Lock’O’Loop; it can be full or not, resealed for freshness whenever is possible. For this, you do not need to bring your container but come prepared because it can be quite voluminous!

The 5 liters means that you have to bring your own 5 liters container and that we will fill it directly from the main bag; generally speaking, this means a bucket or a small jerrican. Note that you are responsible for the cleanliness of your container.

Of course, buying in big quantity also means that it’s cheaper!